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EASA 21J.016


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 Aircraft Modification - SubPartJ

ATL holds EASA approval to design modifications to aircraft, systems and equipment in avionic, hydro-mechanical and structural fields. ATL has designed modifications from changing the seating layout and installing photoluminescent floorpath lighting, to installing TCAS, EGPWS and RVSM avionic systems and rerouting flying controls.

ATL Approval covers ALL Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft, aeroplanes and helicopters and Annex II aircraft.

ATL has arrangements with several FAA DER's (Designated Engineering Representaties) to achieve certification requirements where 8110-3 or FAA STC's are required.


 dscf4344Test House

ATL maintains a calibrated Test House to perform static testing on small structures such as aircraft and galleys to CS25-561 tests on triple aircraft seats.






MoD Design Approval UK.MAA.DAOS.0011

Design Approval Certification for Military Aircraft and Airborn Equipment

Entitles ATL to provide

  • Modification to and repairs to fixed and rotary wing aircraft, including special installations and the external mounting of equipment.
  • Approval of standalone and system associated components, parts, appliances and their associated structural fixtures and fittings.
  • To deliver post design services.


Documents provided include:-

  • Service modification

  • Form 100A and Form 100

  • Safety Assessments

  • Hazard Log

  • Form 755(SM*) - Form 755(SM1) Service Modification Proposal through 755 (SM12) Service Mofification Leaflet - Amendment Proposal

  • Draft Modification Leaflet

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 BS EN ISO 9001 Approval

LRQA 951399

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ATL can organise the manufacture of any of its designs and issue a Certificate of Conformity and through partner companies arrange for EASA Form 1 certification.

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