1st Boeing 757 Passenger / Cargo Combi Conversion


IM Stansted

In 2007, ATL were contracted by Astraeus for the design and certification of a passenger/cargo 'combi' layout for a Boeing 757 aircraft that was to be used by the rockl group 'Iron Maiden' for their 2008 'Somewhere Back In Time World Tour'.  This new configuration provided a cargo compartment in the rear with a 74 seat passenger layout forward of this compartment, which included business class seating for 20 passengers in the front cabin.  Subsequently, Iron Maiden have aso used the Boeing 757 in this combi configuration for their 2009 and 2011 World Tours.

The cargo compartment was designed to meet the requirements of CS25 and EASA Special Conditions associated with the new class F compartment classification that this project helped to define.

 Cargo was installed on 5 pallets attached to the existing cabin seat tracks, thus avoiding any modification to the floor structure. The cargo itself was loaded into fire containment bags.

IM Cargo Comp






Certification of this passenger/cargo configuration by the award of an STC was achieved in 5 months through the proactive approach and envolvement of bothe ATL and EASA who together developed a close working relationship that ensured the sucess of the project.





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