Below is a list of the Supplemental Type Certificates currently available from ATL. Please refer to this list regularly as new STC's will be included as obtained. If a particular STC you require is not listed, please contact us as we may still be able to assist.









Eurocopter AS355

Installation of ATLM 2050 Lidar System




Introduce a Trimble 2101 (I/O) GPS



F28 MK 0100

Introduction of a passenger Briefing System in accordance with ATL Engineering Order ATL/F100/E004 Issue 1, or later AESA- approved revision



F28 MK 0100

Interior Modification for 60 seat VIP layout in accordance with FAC Inc Modification Report 190710 initial issue, or later EASA-approved revision




Installation of Cabin Emergency Lights in accordance with AT: Modification Summary sheet (ATL/228/M001 Issue 3), dated 06/08/2004 or later EASA-approved revision.


AS00419 Revision 1

B737 and B757

Modification ATL/CPT/M138 Issue 1 dated 29/11/2004, Business Class Double Seat p/n C2C207555( )16( )401N



B737 and B757 all series

Conversion of Reynard Business Class Double Seat Series C3C2075 ( ) ( ).



Cessna 550 Citation II

Installation of TCAS II with MST 67A Mode S Transponders



Bell 412 and Bell 212

Polastar Emergency Exit Lighting Installation




Installation of Enhanced Mode S Transponders


AS 00648


Elementary and Enhanced Mode S Transponder


AS 00649

Boeing 737-800

Mode S Transponder System for Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance



Boeing 737-86N

Installation of Enhanced Mode S Transponders



DC8-61, DC8-63

Introduction of a Honeywell EGPWS Mk VII

EASA AS01038 Boeing 757-200 Installation of Enhanced Mode S Transponders
EASA AS01039 Boeing 737-700 Installation of Enhanced Mode S Transponsers
EASA AS01040 Boeing 737-300 Installation of Enhanced Mode S Transponders
EASA RS01256 Schweizer 269D(333) Introduction of EAC-333-000 Airborne Camera System
EASA AS01295 Boeing 767-3Z9 Installation of Teledyne Flight Data Acquisition Unit P/N 2233000-811 to provide parameters to the FDR



Commander 114B

Wing Auxiliary Spar Repair



Eurocopter France AS 355F1

Improved Eye Safety Altitude and Editorial Change to Flight Manual Supplement associted with laser measuring equipment embodied by modification ATL/355/008

EASA AS01479 Boeing 707-300 Avionics Upgrade




Introduction of Enhanced Mode S Transponder

EASA AS01575 Rev 1 A300B4-103 & A300B4-203 Introduction of Enhanced Mode S Transponder



Boeing 727-76

Introduction of Terrain Awareness & Warning System (TAWS)



Boeing 757-2YO

Introduction of Enhanced Mode S Transponder

EASA RA01645 Eurocopter AS 355 Series Flight Manual Supplement for Installation of ALTM LIDAR system




Introduction of a Litton 72R INS in a Boeing 747-200 series aircraft

EASA RA01657 Eurocopter AS 355 E,F,F1,F2, N and NP Installation of ALTM LIDAR system
EASA AS02564 Partenavia P68B Camera Port Installation
EASA AS02564 Rev 1 P68B, P68C Camera Port Installation



BAe 146-300

Honeywell TCAS II

EASA AS02712 DC 8-60 Instllation of Honeywell MKVII EGPWS
EASA AS02775 BAe 146-200 Installation of dual Allied Signal GNS-XLS Flight Management System
EASA AS02817 Boeing 737-300/500 Introduction of Enhanced Mode S Transponder
EASA AS02817 Rev 1 Boeing 737-300/400/500 Mode 'S' Transponder System for Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance. This revision is to add B737-400 to STC
EASA AS02879 Boeing 747-400 Installation of Bendix / King CAS-81 TCAS II System in B747-400 in accordance with Master Drawing List Drawing No. 699-50021, initial release and Dual Bendix / King TRA-67 Mode S Transponder in accordance with master Drawing List, Drawing 699-50020, initial release as detailed in ATL Master Document List ATL/MDL-046 at issue 1. The provisions for the antenna in accordance with Boeing SB747-34-2309 are not part of this STC.
EASA AS02880 Boeing 747-400 RTA-44D VHF Data Radio System
EASA AS02881 Boeing 747-400 Certification of Collins Data Link ACARS Installation in the B747-400
EASA AS02917 Boeing 757-200 238 PAX LOPA Installation
EASA AS02945 Boeing 757 201 PAX LOPA Installation
EASA AS03116 BAe 146/AVRO 146-RJ series 95 Passenger LOPA Installation
EASA AS03198 Boeing 737-73S 148 Pax LOPA Installation
EASA AS03201 Boeing 757-2Q8 219 PAX LOPA Installation
EASA AS03234 Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Introduction of honeywell Mark V EGPWS
EASA AS03244 Bombardier CL-600-2B16 EFIS, GPS approach scaling and EGPWS display
EASA AS03291 Rev 1 Boeing 757-200 Passenger / Cargo Combi Conversion
EASA AS03436 Airbus A310-200/300 Bluesky D1000 Satcom (Provisions). This Supplemental Type Certificate installs provisions for a further configuration installing BlueSky Network Satcom System D1000 with an Intercom Integration option
EASA AS3698 Boeing747-100/200 Installation of a Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder and Control Unit in Boeing 747-100 and -200 series aircraft per ATL master Document List MDL-11053-00001 at Issue 1 or later approved revisions
EASA 10014994 Rev 2 Boeing 757-200 Passenger / Cargo Combi Configuration
EASA 10015097 Rev 1 A310-203/203C/204/
Bluesky D1000 Satcom Installation
EASA 10027284 Airbus A320-232 Passenger LOPA
EASA 10027820 B757-200 205 Passenger LOPA
EASA 10027954 BAE 146-200 VIP Cabin Interior
EASA 10027954 Rev 1 BAE 146-200 VIP Cabin Interior. Approval of Alternative Limitation on EASAA STC 10027954
EASA 10028300 EC135T2 Rotorcraft Flight Manual Supplement related to the Installation of Techtest 503 Deployable Crash Position Indicator System (ELT) based on ATL Mod Number MOD-11627-00001
EASA 10028747 Rev 1 737 All models Blue Sky Network Satcom Installation. This STC installs Satcom communications at the captain and F/O station
EASA 10029091 B747-400 Introduction of changes to the cabin layout in accordance with ATL Modification Summary MOD-11427-00001.
Part A: introduces a seating configuration of 22 business class and 440 economy class
Part B: introduces all emergency equipment necessary to comply with the requirements for 22C 440Y passengers operations
Part C: installs new photo luminescent floor path marking
EASA 10029417 ATR 42 , ATR 72 AFM Supplement 57 & 58 SSR Mode S Elementary Surveillance
EASA 10029662 B737-300 Business Interior - 48 PAX LOPA
EASA 10029965 Boeing 757 - 200 Boeing 757 -200 229Y Passenger Configuration
S-76 A, B, C
ATL AFM Supplement Number 11948-AFM-00001 Installation of S-76 UNS 1LW FMS for BRNAV Compliance, associated with ATL Minor Modification No MOD-11948-00001
EASA 10035735 Boeing 737 - 200 AFM Supplement number 11966-AFM-00001, Issue 2, Installation of GNS-XLS
EASA 10036310 MD-81, MD-82, MD-83, MD-87, MD-88 AFM MDC J8480 Supplement for ATL Blue Sky Network D1000C SatCom Installation
EASA 10037502 Boeing 767 - 300 ATL Flight Manual Supplement Number 12037-AFM-00001 Issue 2 to Boeing 767-300 Series Flight Manual - Installation of Blue Sky Satellite Communication, Associated with ATL Minor Modification MOD-12037-00001
EASA 10037512 CL-600-2B19 ATL AFM Supplement Number 12032-AFM-00001 Issue 2 to Bombardier CL-600-2B19 Flight Manual Reference CSP-A-12 - Installation of Blue Sky Satellite Communications, Associated with ATL Minor Modification MOD-12032-00001
EASA 10038506 Robin HR 100-210 Wing Spar Repair
EASA 10039995 Eurocopter AS 350 B2, AS 355 F1, AS 355 F2 Eurocopter AS350/AS355 - RFM for Installation of Microwave Broadcast Equipment AS350 RFM Supplement 12077-AFM-00001, for temporary installation of various microwave broadcast equipment to equip the addected rotorcraft for the broadcasting of audio and digital microwave signals, to accpmany minor mod MOD-12077-00001 and MOD-12077-00002
EASA 10044520 Boeing 737-406

ATL Flight Manual Supplement No. 12235-AFM-00001 to Boeing 737 Flight Manual Reference D6-8734-406 - Installation of Provision for the use of EFB. Associated with Aviation Traders Ltd Modification MOD-12235-00001.

EASA 10044606 Beech 200

ATL Flight Manual Supplement No. 12367-AFM-00001 to Beechcraft Flight Manual P/N 101-590010-479 - BRNAV. Associated with ATL Minor Modification No. MOD-12367-00001

EASA 10044607 Falcon 10

ATL Flight Manual Supplement No. 12425-AFM-00001 to Aircraft Flight Manual Reference DTM721-BRNAV. Associated with ATL Minor Modification No. MOD-12425-00001

EASA 10044610 HS.125 Series 700B

ATL Flight Manual Supplement No. 12366-AFM-00001 to HS.125 Series 700B Flight Manual HS.1.9-BRNAV. Associated with ATL Minor Modification No. MOD-12366-00001

EASA 10045639 BAE. 125 Series 800B

Installation of UNS-1LW FMS Upgrade for BRNAV Compliance

EASA 10046281 Boeing 727-200

Installation of FMS UNS-1E Upgrade for BRNAV Compliance

EASA 100474524 Boeing 727-2S2F

Upgrade of the ATC/TCAS Controller, Introduction of AFM Supplement

EASA 10048426 Bell 412EP

ATL Flight Manual Supplement 12623-AFM-001 to Flight MAnual BHT-412-FM-4 Installation of a Crash Position Indicator System associated with ATL Modification 12623-00001

EASA 10051593 Boeing 727-200 CPDLC Installation
EASA 10052296 Boeing 727-212 Installation of FMS UNS-1Ew Upgrade for BRNAV Compliance
EASA 10053931 Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 Introduction of the Smartcart Galley Cart
EASA 10029662 REV.1 Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737 STC - ATL - Remove EWIS Limitation
EASA 10053931 REV.1

Airbus - A318/A319/A320/A321/A330/A340/A350/A380

Boeing - B737/B747/B757/B767/B777/B787

Introduction of the Smartcart Galley Cart
EASA 10056443 Sikorsky S-76 - S-76A, S-76B AFM Supplement Nr. 13005-AFM-00001 related to minor change: "Installation of a Techtest 503 Crash Position Indicator System (CPI)".
EASA 10058067 Boeing 757-200 / 757-300 B757 - LiTeMood Cabin LED Light V1.1 Installation

Airbus - A318/A319/A320/A321/A330/A340/A350/A380

Boeing - B737/B747/B757/B767/B777/B787

1) Installation of ATL's SmartCart Galley Carts in accordance with MDL-12855-00001, Issue 6, dated November 19, 2015 or later EASA approved revision.

2) Instructions for continued Airworthiness must be in accordance with ATL's CMM 25-30-03 (Full-size Cart). Rev. 1, Issued November 12 2015, or later EASA accepted revision or ATL's CMM 25-30-01 (Half-size Cart), Rev. 1, Issued June 16, 2015, or later EASA accepted revision, and are required as part of this installation.
FAA ST03856NY Boeing 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, 737-900

1) Installation of STG Aerospace LiTeMood Version 1.1 LED Cabin Lighting in accordance with ATL Master Document List MDL-13078-00001, Issue 1, dated September 13, 2016 or later EASA approved revisions.

2) Aircraft is to be maintained in accordance with SRTG Aerospace Instructions for Continued Airworthiness No. TM-7492-ICAW Revision A, Dated July 30, 2015 or later EASA accepted revisions
EASA 10027284 Rev 2 Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321

Airbus A320 12C/8J/36Y LOPA

Revision fue to the introduction of cosmetic referbushment including re-painting of small seat panels and trim and the replacement of the end bay side panels of First Class seats in order to satisfy the requirement of CRI D-2317


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